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Our Program

The Radden Education Institute is an organization dedicated to financial security planning education primarily for physicians, and also for business owners and other highly compensated people. We have been in business, dedicated to this mission, since 1976. Our company was born when a 50-year-old Chief of Staff established a business relationship with one of our institute said, “Wow, I wish I had learned this as a resident.” We started doing quarterly mandatory house-staff meetings at one teaching hospital and our organization quickly grew to providing initial training to graduating senior medical students at some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country. These 90-120 minute guest lectures – usually offered between Match Day and Graduation Day – offer a proven mechanism to assist resident physicians to begin planning for financial security starting with their first paycheck.

We employ a simple mechanism of dividing the resident’s after-tax, take-home pay into three segments, and showing him or her how to live well on this income while simultaneously beginning a systematic long-term savings plan [aimed at wealth accumulation and preservation] as well as accumulating a “sinking fund” to begin retiring student loan debt at precisely the right time to do so.

For Graduating Physicians

Upon graduation from residency and or fellowship, an easy-to-use education system is established for each physician so he or she can (a) enjoy a significant part of their newly increased pay and the better lifestyle it provides for themselves and their families, (b) efficiently begin to accumulate wealth so they can enjoy life more and do more of what their calling is, and (c) begin retiring debt over a 36-60 month (usually) time period.

For Physicians Already in Practice

Radden Education Institute educations physicians about the financial planning process which will assist physicians and their families in achieving their goals. While most of what we discuss is financial, we see finances as a means to an end and rarely is it an end in itself. Accordingly, tradeoffs usually have to be made somewhere along the line.

We will update this website from time to time with additional information relevant to well-educated, intelligent and highly compensated professionals.

Our Uniqueness

At the Radden Education Institute our primary value is that the needs of our clients come to first… “The best interest of the client is the only interest to be considered.”

Our mission is to provide the best possible education regarding financial security and protection for every client every day.

To fulfill that mission as financial service professionals we have two objectives: (1) deliver on the promise of providing education regarding financial security, and (2) advanced the discipline.

The main purpose served by our profession is providing financial safety measures for individuals, their families and their companies.

While we are financially successful as an organization, it is more important to us that we be willing to share our education solutions with our colleagues and peers and that we encourage them to assist their clients and prospective clients in the same ways we do.

A single telephone call will introduce you to our colleagues just about anywhere in the country and help you achieve new and better peace of mind and specific education solutions in this fast-changing world.

The beauty of the life underwriting/financial advisory profession is that it is always moving forward; there is always more to learn. As a result, at the Radden Education Institute LLC, education and career development are core values for us.